Translations into English

Translation rates based on word count of German source text (please use built-in Word Count feature to determine approximate number of words). For book-length projects, rates are based on pages of 1800 characters.

  • Translations from German > English beginning at Euro 0,14/word
  • Discount for book-length projects of more than 100 pages
  • Rates for ad copy, song lyrics, and scripts based on project size
  • Request Free Estimate

Interpreting from German <> English

  • Euro 90/hour (2-hour minimum)
  • Plus reasonable expenses for travel, meals, and lodging (if necessary)
  • Euro 40/hour for travel time

Terms and Conditions

  • Please specify required format (Microsoft Word .doc by default)
  • 50% advance payment required for assignments exceeding Euro 100.00
  • Balance due upon receipt of assignment by client
  • Payable to US, German, or Swiss account
  • Translator's credit for book translations shall be included on third page
  • The liability of GRIMM'S TRANSLATIONS for errors and omissions shall be restricted to correcting the work that we have performed (without extra charges). Our liability shall in no case exceed the value of the work performed. All liability for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages is excluded.